Cabinet doors, home doors, stairs and other hardwood products…


Quality solid wood products for a competitive price.
Stairs – Design, installation, columns, pillars, railings, handrails, varnishing, staining, fully all materials and work with the rag).

Doors – Doors, frames, glass, hinges . Complete with all materials including low-noise opening mechanisms, handles, moldings, gaskets and assembly at the customer.

All products and work gets 2-year written warranty!  

Products certified in laboratory testings: No. 257/07 and No.258/07, in line with EU standarts.

JSC MEDRITAS works with natural solid wood more than 15 years. During those production years we have developed technology, tested and choose the best quality materials. We have a complete production line – from buying wood at public auctions then cutting and drying it. Then buying raw materials from first-hand, we can provide the best price, product quality and durability. As well as producing solid wood doors and stairs, we are also offering solid wood furniture to our existing customers.
Over the years, we have established business relations with private clients as well as furniture manufacturers, who are actively seeking high quality wooden doors kitchen furniture, cabinets, chests, cabinets with sliding doors. With all our in house technologies and experience we have built separate wooden facade door workshop.

Our naturally produced ash and alder doors have no color restrictions. We can paint, stain in colors chosen by customers. We can also offer various door sizes.
In the door structure we can also use glass, painted glass, mirror, wood and various wooden perforations.
Unlike most manufacturers, all our doors are painted still unassembled. As a result of that we are able to avoid wood movements and rupture. Therefore we can offer a written 5 years warranty.


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